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*** (3/5)
SO FAR THE creative ideas for the Lego movie series are seemingly endless - a change of styles from an animated Lego figured Will Ferrell to a live-action Ferrell in Phil Lord and Christopher Miller's The Lego Movie or whether it's changing the dynamic of the mini figures entirely to make them appear to natural skin colours in The LEGO Batman Movie - whatever it is the bricks smoothly fell into place. This so far bodes well for the latest in the series The LEGO Ninjago Movie, a feature-length animation based on the long running TV show Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.
After the film opens strongly with a news montage showing the city's beloved heroes, you are plunged into the life of Lloyd (Dave Franco) who by night is a gifted warrior using his skills and a giant vehicle to defeat evil, by day he's an ordinary teenager who struggles to defeat his greatest enemy: high school. However while defeating the city's major threat it soon transpires that he has a major secret, one he's been hiding his entire life. You have to credit the idea of the third film in Hollywood's ongoing idea to turn every modern trend into a Lego movie. The animation here is stunning featuring a vast array of colours which oddly shine brighter than the previous times around and a host of voices that are having a lot of fun, there's Franco, Jackie Chan as the eccentric teacher Sensei Wu and Lord Garmadon (Justin Theroux) a four-armed villain who plans to take over the city.
Though unlike the previous installments which zipped along with the quick witted jokes, the top-notch writing and the zappy kid-friendly comedic antics, The LEGO Ninjago Movie is perhaps the weakest instalment to the series. Some of the jokes fail to grasp the next brick on the brick wall that the previous installments built which are currently perched at the top and a thinly written plot - a poorly written cat gag which quickly becomes the film's main plot point and weak characters that don't leave much of an impact. There is credit given to Chan who gives his all to make the film work, he's hilarious whether he's telling this story in a live-action state or using his quick reflexes in Lego mode - a fight scene with Garmadon and offering his keen teachings of wisdom are notable standouts. However he earns his worth, he's always there to perhaps smooth off the film's unfinished edges.
The third film in the ongoing Lego series is still thoroughly entertaining and remains decidedly within the silly, lovable, self-aware sphere of the franchise but a little too often it swoops into familiar territory, feeling empty, repetitive and predictable. Ultimately leaving it to struggle the long climb towards the top of the wall leaving it to hang precariously in the middle.
VERDICT Three movies in, and the Lego series remains to be silly, lovable and hugely entertaining but this latest film suffers from a thin script and weak characters not gaining much impact..

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  • 1000 / 1000